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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm back home again- safe

That is the longest time I ever hope to have to endure without a decent cup of coffee! It was horrible stuff that hospital had smoldering and I couldn't get anyone to go downstairs to the barista for me.

I'm home. I've had my surgery. Apparently everything went quite according to plan. The Doc cut out a portion of my colon and patched the hole with 8 stitches and got back out leaving my bottom in no worse shape than before. The surgery was yesterday and took a couple hours to perform, everything else was just preparation and recovery and a fitful night spent pretending to sleep on a hospital bed.

I did not get much sleep, as if that was the entire hospital staff's intent. People started clomping through my room about 4 AM and I saw the first doc before 5. The nurse had to change the IV fluid bag and then she had to come back in because she didn't set it up correctly and it beeped at me. The lab tech lady came in and complained that I had "tiny veins", which I don't, except when its the middle of the night and I'm dehydrated and hungry and trying to sleep. All of this while I wrestled a tiny plastic pillow that was determined to squirt out of it pillow case, the IV tubing stuck to my hand and the inflatable leg cuffs that either were slipping off like the pillow case or twisting around my ankles preventing me from rolling over. All in all, it was a memorable night.

And as good of care as all the folks took for me at St Marks, I really can't say a single good thing about their food service. Really, how can you make chicken broth badly? They managed.I had two cups of that brought up and both times, it was undrinkable. The french toast piece they brought later was a travesty. It wasn't even worth opening they syrup to try to make edible. The fruit cup I could eat, and the jello. Nothing else. The coffee tasted like burnt sheet rock and I just couldn't drink it.

So, I'm glad to be home. I've got no pain and after a couple days of light duty, I should be back on my feet again. In the mean time, I'm watching movies on my laptop and snuggling a cat that's sharing my lap.

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